What We Do

What are we doing?

WM Investing is formed by highly educated and experienced traders who are mostly trading over ten years. All members of this project worked very important positions at very prominent companies. However, after long deliberation, we decided to run our own business with acquiring trading strategies and behavioral finance techniques from business life and daily economic life.

First of all, we should specify our strategies to be used in investment:

Pairs Trading

Pairs trading is based on high correlation with 2 related investment tools. We designed some crucial models which are upgrading daily from Bloomberg and Reuters Data Terminal in order to calculate spread trading between these highly correlated equities, currencies and also commodities.

You don't have to watch and follow always market reaction in front of the monitor so we are just waiting for a signal that is coming from models and after the signal, you just click to mouse in order to make money. This technique is the common money making way for each financial corporation and traders. Earning money is just based on your money size. If you have lots of money, you can earn more and more with leverage.

The logic of pairs trading, you equally sell and buy correlated equities in the market. If any negative view occurs and market hits the bottom, don't forget we are in short position one of these equities and you can definitely compensate loss and make money with using S.L (stop-loss) and T.P(take profit)terms.

That's why; we do not offer inexplicable interest rates in the short term we are just offering sustainable earnings along investment.

We trust each other because we are educated as computer engineering and economics. We are able to use MAT-Lab, C+, and another important software language. With the developing technology, human motions keep slower than the computers and we ensure you to earn a sustainable profit with the help of these precious models.

ALGO Trading

As you know, nowadays Algo Trading is getting popular than anything for financial institutions. There are some kinds of subtitles of Algo Trading which are Trend Following, Arbitrage Opportunity, Mathematical Model and Mean Reversion.

As we mentioned above, our trading strategies will be not intuitive just based on models and calculations.

Thus, we don't have to open long-time positions after signals for trading; we will be opening frequent positions by using the meaning of Algo Trading. These kinds of strategies particularly are used in FX markets with leverage and exact returns.